Hello there

hello there

I’m Tais Kahatt. A freelance
graphic designer, from Lim-PE specialized in branding and packaging

Currently living in Florence/ IT

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Over the lasts years I realized - It's not enough to simply sell products anymore, people need brands that lead from the heart and share their values.

That’s why I focus on Branding. Whether a brand is looking for a refresh or finding its voice at the very begging, I will help find its purpose and connect with their target audience.

What I do:

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Creative Direction

Art Direction



Web & Illustrations

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I love playing with new layouts, grids, and typographies. Explore my concepts and experiments for more work

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I believe in creating beautiful and complete brand experiences by helping them connect with their intention and know-how to communicate their purpose.


Currently I’m working at &Walsh and also as a freelancer looking for new brands to create complete branding experiences and help them find their voice.


I have worked on Fibra for 3 years focusing on branding, strategic development and packaging.


I studied in Perú at Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de America Latina. Graduating with a major in Graphic Design and specialized in Branding.


I believe collaboration allows us to create a different narratives for each brand. That’s why depending on the project I love collaborating with specialists from different fields

Awards and Recognitions

I’ve been lucky enough to have recognition from two of the biggest organizations in the design industry.

LAD Awards
Behance Illustrator Gallery
Behance InDesign Gallery
Behance Graphic Design